Many people do not know the difference between staging and decorating, and they think that if their home looks beautiful it doesn’t need staging. Or, they think staging means bringing in new furniture while sending yours to storage. That might be true is your furniture is worn and outdated, but in many cases it’s possible to stage with the homeowner’s existing furniture. The secret is, Proverbs 31 Lifestyles showcases the architecture, not your belongings.

The difference between us and other staging companies is this: we “redesign” your space, using your existing furnishings and accessories. 

Whether you are staging for sale or stay, think of Proverbs 31 Lifestyles as an investment in yourself. If you are staging your home for sale…

  • Your home will sell more quickly*
  • Your home will sell for a higher price*

If you are staging your home for stay…

  • Your home will be filled with things you really love, creating a feeling of joy
  • You will find things you forgot you had — including cheques and cash!
  • Your home will appear brighter and less crowded

*based on statistics from the Real Estate Staging Association. We do not guarantee results.


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